suddenly antiwar

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I love the part about Dianne... who I personally know has been referring to Russia as "the enemy" — even in the nineties — her whole adult life — staunchly pro "defense" spending. I even wonder if the other three are doing this to give her brownie points enough to plausibly steal her next election.

And don't even doubt it, a bunch of these pigs have not actually won an election in decades.

I know we were once proud of our slate of women power movers in the legislature, but we had to learn the hard way they were all at least as poisonous as any male politician. I give it to Barbara Boxer for only resorting to outright betrayal of us when pressed by the imperatives of her party, and she had the grace to retire.

But anyone who's known me for a long time will attest, it takes a LOT to make me loathe Democratic politicians more than Republican politicians. They were always politicians — less moral than snakes — instead of public servants and it never stopped ruining my sense of justice, but it's so far beyond the pale right now I can't honestly understand why any of us is still stuck in these deathlessly moronic polemics... wedge issues, identity politics, name recognition, outright stolen elections, paid perfidies... all kinds of villainy no thinking person could ignore if they were not mentally conditioned SO relentlessly from childhood by "education" and media they're virtual zombies.

So. But. Democrats. Again.

CIA Democrats Part One
CIA Democrats Part Two
CIA Democrats Part Three

They're not liberals. They're psychopath puppets.

So are Republicans, but they lost their stature when the Democrats showed they were better at it.

There are ways to fix this but we aren't doing any of them.

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