our "secret space program"

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While I think for sure we've got much higher tech than most dream, I don't think they could keep up the much lower tech ruse this long when they are so clearly in such a state as to keep perpetrating ludicrously transparent false flags and bragging about 50-year-old missiles, upgraded guidance or not, let alone thinking the Russians will want to back-engineer that crap.
And while Trump praised his billion-dollar missile strike in Syria as “Mission Accomplished" - famous words have usually been associated with the beginning of a major US military fiasco - the question is whether the US just successfully delivered, on a silver platter, the latest US cruise missile technology to the Syrian government, and thus, to Russia.
Yeah, no. Not bloody likely to take anyone by surprise.

I know the truth is the first casualty of war and of fascism, and no dispositively compelling reason to believe either side if you have not been paying scrupulous attention for a looong time, but you have to stop being gullible about science and tech... and start using your own senses and experience to parse some of this stuff.

Well over half the time the advances we read about in science magazines, and even peer-reviewed journals, is only published from thin air in order to attract grant money. There's no there there, or so little it never bore publishing in a real sense.

For sure somebody's got the torsion tech that can produce so many miracles and so much cataclysm... and it might not be a state actor. We saw it on 9/11. Many insist it's Israel, but I don't think the psychopaths running Israel have that much restraint. Maybe they knew about it... even probably they knew about it. Fudd probably did too, but not Dubby. Anyway, that's one tip of the hand nobody unwilling to throw out all kinds of hard evidence can miss.

Russia isn't lagging behind us on any of that. Both may well be lagging behind, or under the thumb of, those in control of it. That is a distinct possibility. But, excuse me, nobody anywhere gives a fuck about Tomahawk guidance systems unless they're wanting to impress everyone at the local elementary school science fair.

And the Air Force isn't going to get its panties in a bunch over Buck Rogers Trump's space force if we've got a fully operational program out there patrolling or exploring already. Yeah, maybe they don't mind all the OPM going toward developing private space travel and asteroid resource extraction, since Nosbaracktu's big privatization of the space program thing, because he was definitely on-side, but if they're bellyaching over Trump's aspirations, you need to think that out a little before you run off after any more charlatans to explain it to you, to convince you of their wildest fantasies... and that includes the so-called "experts"... the "serious" researchers.

The driving force of our entire world is intention... and NOT the one you only like to think motivates you, but the REAL mover. Not the ones laboring under the same spell that turns activism into inactivism at the first flush of success. I know you are so used to taking your conditioning for your motivation you usually can't even tell, but sitting down and thinking more deeply will yield up gems worth more than any you can dig up out of the earth. You need to dig these from the ground of mind, or they will never let go of your head. Never.

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