we don't and won't have a space fleet

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We have aircraft that are already classed as space vehicles because they can function way out there at the outer limits of atmosphere. We've got some anti-gravity craft... that we don't know can function at all where there isn't gravity of enough strength to make them so amazing, let alone provide the supposed envelope of protection against radiation.

Granny's putative extra-territorial state MIGHT have one, but the list of ifs to get there from here has not shortened since he first proposed it. We know for sure that the psychopaths are fascists, but that's the only applicable thing we know for sure... unless you count their hatred of Donald Trump.

But we do know for sure Russia has some extremely advanced tech, both because Putin said so and he doesn't lie, and because we have already been on the receiving end of some of it he didn't mention in his speech.

I'm sorry. As wide open as I try to keep my mind, and no matter how wide I open it, this whole "secret space program" thing keeps seeming like total horse shit, like sci-fi for fully grown kids. I could accept that there is a faction or factions who have broken off from us in the past, maybe even the far distant past. I cannot accept that the United States of America has anything like an operational space fleet... with a "non-terrestrial" list of officers.

One autistic guy hacks NASA and says he saw the roster, and we believe him because why? Because the US went after him for hacking their computers. You don't even know that he didn't make that up just for shits and giggles, or to make them want to back off making a big deal of his little invasion of their privacy... which are far more plausible than the mental parsecs taken from his words.

One WWII-era scientist admits UFOs and says they cannot all be terrestrial, and more mental parsecs fly out from that seemingly firm assertion. How the fuck would he have known? We were flummoxed by almost all of the Nazis' technology. No, no, he was an important dignified guy. He would be able to state something like that. Also, another of similar ilk declares, "We now have the ability to take ET home," once, and archly, while surrounded by industry fans. Balderdash.

Somebody drew craft someone else saw hovering in hangars. Antigravity confirmed. Well, maybe, and maybe even probably, but that's not enough for people. No. Must've back-engineered crashed space alien craft, like we're not smart enough to have done it off all the physics papers taken black a hundred years ago... or the multifarious ancient documentations of this action only the intimations of which are left extant for public consumption.

Let's just ignore the twaddle about how it's all been financed, here, because I've gone over that already a couple hunnert thousand times... except to say it wouldn't have cost those imaginary trillions... and all the triangular craft we have seen and only thought we were seeing don't fix this.

Yes, there is definitely radically advanced technology out there that we don't get to know about — only deduce — but just imagine this being projected from a triangulation of high altitude aircraft... just use a moment to see that in your mind, Phoenix. Plus, a lot of even what we only think we know about our state of technological advancement is overblown equine poop... for obvious reasons.

AND, I'm not even denying that aliens may be walking among us. I'm saying that if they are, or since they are, pick, what difference at this point does it make? If they are living or acting here, everything IS as it is, and all this speculating and hours and hours and hours of PR and web development over "studying" it is utterly inhumane waste when so much is at stake in our world. The only worthy study of this stuff is related to finding out how to make the craziness stream back toward productive human existence on this planet or any other.

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