i'm seeing how this will backfire for the psychopaths

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As ever, remember about the SCO resolution to resist all provocations until the West was out of money to conduct WWIII. What if Israel only thinks it's a go? Any damage they do will always be made up for lickety-split by everyone in the SCO alliance, and not like Bibi hasn't been a murderer since the dim reaches of modern historical memory, and not like there aren't plenty of people even in his own "country" who want to see him hung.

A lot hinges on exposing who is really in control of our military. Assad put the seeds in everyone's minds today. How are they going to be able to knuckle under when people are wondering if space aliens aren't in ultimate control of the West? What happens when more world leaders — ones who can't be ignored like the media are ignoring Assad — start braying the same thing as Assad did?

Does that make him have to start WWIII or refrain from it? Does he get any choice? Does he get his head blown off in Dealey Plaza if he doesn't pretend he's in charge of that stuff? Or does that just make it even more apparent that he's not in charge of that stuff?

Europe wants to do business with Russia and Iran. They've made that unequivocally clear. Everybody knows "ISIS" is owned and operated by Western psychopaths. Everybody knows Iran has only ever helped other Islamic nations resist thefts and aggression by Israel. Never attacked them. Only helped others defend against them. Suffered many provocations without retaliation. Stayed the SCO course without deviating a hair.

What if the sprinkling of blundering Western strikes have been all about letting Israel get a bead on air defenses that are immediately abandoned or moved or replaced?

I'm not saying Israel — and the whole Zionist project — is the whole of the psychopaths' power structure, but for definite they are welded to it even more seamlessly than Nosbarcktu and Bloodhound Face and Hill Dawg, all of whom have been running around trying to turn SCO members by any means they can think up... bribery, threats, doublethink, pleading... so, what if that's being politely endured without budging an inch?

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