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That's Baby Foot Lake, well after the Biscuit fire of 2002, but before the Chetco Bar Fire last year, and a couple days ago I didn't hear any goddam thunder the night before the two little ones I smelled the next morning. They seem both to have been put out before they got big enough to be considered full blown incidents, but maybe we've gotten to the bottom of why so many weird booming noises at odd intervals and why so often nobody even heard a little thunder when the "lightning fires" supposedly started.

Really, I was almost positive the weird booms had to be from exercise pilots hotdogging it back to base from the training grounds offshore, and griping that they should have someone to notify or an email system to alert local authorities when their activities will be taking place, so they can calm the residents who've never heard sonic booms before and freak out every time.

It's always at night. They figure no one can see them up so high and in the dark. They could be mostly right, but, obviously, not always. And you know, never believe anything until it's been officially denied.

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