left and right just don't cut it anymore

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I am, of course, attracted. I don't think it solves the corruption or corruptibility problems that inhere banking itself, but it would help disempower the psychopaths... at least short term.

I love how they use the term "to the left of the Democratic Party" like everyone on earth isn't to the left of the Democratic Party, but maybe my blazing libertarian streak keeps me from believing that anything totalitarian can be considered "left". Is that my mental conditioning kicking up? Or is it flat out incoherent to believe this shit they've been calling "cultural Marxism" for thirty years is fundamentally different than the most extreme right possible to achieve politically?

How do you turn supporting the disenfranchised into reifying victims to the point of handing everything to the oligarchy who made them victims to begin with? This vexes me.

How do you make sure a public bank makes affordable housing feasible where the same measures would not have worked with the Wall Street banks? That doesn't compute here. If you bothered to listen to the Trump archive footage, you will recall he was yelling forty years ago about the tax incentives for developers to create affordable housing disappearing and making it impossible for them to turn a profit.

He was DOING IT until they took those away. You think he should have gone broke instead? And how does a public bank overcome this hurdle ANY better than a regular old vampire bank?

Quoth the Mendocino County federally-approved coke dealer: What the fuck? Over.

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