my years slaving for an election integrity inactivist

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Are sledding down my memory banks right now. The filthy problem may finally be resolving itself because we are seeing that the Democrats are as avid about using fraud as Republicans ever were... maybe more. It was sort of the crowning blow for me back then, that we could witness firsthand the "progressives" unwilling to DO anything about the rigged elections, put it together the all too despicable truth about why, and the so-called warrior for clean elections very loudly DOing absolutely bubkes to combat it.

EVEN when our favorite member of Congress got eaten by it.

I'm hoping she is feeling good about this turn of events... that the flagrant use of election fraud may finally be burning itself out because too many corrupt pieces of shit have turned it into a quagmire no side can ever beat.

[Political campaign activity in Georgia today... get it?]

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