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If Trump hadn't made the Kelly and Mattis mistakes, I might not have remembered about Nosbaracktu weeding out the patriots from our military. I mean, I should have been more suspicious of them when both of them were so roundly approved by the MSM, but... well... better late than never.

No. Really. I don't care what you think. NOBODY in our armed forces should even dream of talking about or to the president this way. Except, of course, their real paymasters are probably beyond caring whether their henchmen sound American anymore.


While I'm on the subject of unAmerican generals who are owned by the psychopaths and not us, McChrystal counts with them for sure. I mean, I don't even remember what his gripe about Nosbaracktu was, but was it that he was deployed into Syria well before the president started talking about air strikes against Assad's forces? I don't think so.

All the while President Impeccable Murder was assuring us "NO boots on the ground", McChrystal was in there with his boots on that ground. Or the years before that he was in Iran rousing up opposition movements, placing snipers and murderers at opportune spots, his forte being the provision of muscle for "democrats" like George Soros and obviously to the point where he completely forgot who he really worked for.

And don't forget the little matter of Michael Hastings' mysterious death when it was known he was getting death threats from McChrystal's crew, so... well... you might pardon me if I say I think these generals are swamp creatures wailing as they wash down the drain... whether or not Trump realizes this IS a swamp draining.

I really wish we didn't have to hear these pigs squealing against their just deserts.

It's the globalist psychopaths holding fast to their mindfucking to pull out a victory even as so many of us KNOW their perfidy and are united against them.

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