i got over myself and did it

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Solved some problems and created a shitload more.


Just in time to next fill up my good-nap-caused insomnia with an update. Upgrading decided to lose my printer, which turned out to be a good thing because it made me drag the thing out from under my desk to find out that the reason I can never read the little readout window is because they sent me a German-speaking printer.

You will recall I was STRESSED OUT at the time.

So I'm not quite as blind as I thought, but sheesh.

The little edit tool under my posts for me to use to fix booboos and provide updates had been disappeared by the upgrade, but I was somehow sentient enough to wait until after the update to bitch to Blogger about it. It's back now. A million things, but the most important part is I am still allowed to use my image editing apps on this release.

I really should be put up for adoption.

pipe up any time....