i must've missed something

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I thought Flynn was charged with lying for having said "no meetings" when he meant no collusion meetings, was being charged for that, and pled guilty because they were dragging him down into attorneys' fees bankruptcy... and, now, today, after much seriously aggravating deadline ignoring and judicial misspeaking, everyone seems to think it's an offense to plead guilty to something you didn't do because you can't pay for this shit... and the ability of the guy who knows where all the bodies are buried to speak freely has been delayed another three months.

I must be wrong. I don't think I'm wrong.


As the minutes tick by, I find myself more and more upset by this. I just went over to see if Kunstler had something to say that might fish me out of it.
I won’t pretend that I know what to make of this. The simplest explanation is that Judge Sullivan was persuaded somehow that Gen. Flynn required more squeezing in order to perform better as a government witness. I have two provisional conclusions: 1) the country is being destroyed by lawyers as a general proposition; and 2) that this blatantly political prosecution is part of a larger scandal so colossal it makes Watergate look like a parking infraction. Is Gen. Flynn America’s Dreyfus?
I guess he's about where I am on it.

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