i'm not ignoring venezuela

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I am not falling for disinformation like James Woods appears to be, looking for better information, AND our country has NO business meddling in their affairs short of outright genocidal activities by their government, but I have lost my solidarity with socialist movements after most of my life being in sympathy with them.

The MAIN point I never considered fully enough is that no matter how altruistic and competent the movement using it to raise the poor out of the gutter, it cannot survive incompetent or ill-motivated leadership. Yeah, yeah, capitalism seems to be suffering similarly, and surely will be suffering identically if we don't take our heads out of our asses, but Hugo and Fidel are dead, and their successors have been vastly less-capable men without strong enough support from the masses, especially in Venezuela, to insure a stable and equitable and non-despotic democratic future.

I don't have any faith in Maduro, and only have hope for faith in Díaz-Canel just now.

And less-than-none for our American socialists.

That's the BEST position on the matter I can come up with anymore.

pipe up any time....