the borg queen and the general assembly

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Plopped like a cow patty into a cauldron of seething hate, The Leader of the Slave World addressed the United Nations, but mere words don't fully cover it.

[Michelle is breathing very shallowly.]

[Kerry has to pee. Powers knows it.]

[Consummate Diplomat Lavrov]

[Kerry peed his pants. Powers knows it.]

[General attitude of loathing.]

[Naked hatred.]

[Determinedly enduring it.]

[Not amused.]

[More general loathing.]

[Agonies of suppressed rage.]

[Iraq at a funeral.]

[Syrian laser stoicism.]

[Breathing so shallowly it's not getting to her lungs.]

[Situation normal.]


[Mortified, looking for the exits.]

[Simmering wrath.]

[Fantastically keeping a muzzle on it.]

[Don't look at us.]


[Kerry pooped his pants. Powers knows it.]

[No longer breathing at all.]

Only psychology students need bother listening to the start-to-finish mindfuck speech, but if you want to get a feel for the state of hate blaring off the entire general assembly and focused on the podium, you oughta put this on HD full screen with the sound down ultra-low or off. These images barely catch the timbre of it, let alone the fullness of it.

There were no friends in that building.



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