i tole you

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There are fortunes to be made by titillating UFO nuts... and Admiral Janeway and Granny Fussbudget are already pissed off enough at these panderers for coopting their scholarly approach to Out There and making boatloads of dough on it. You just gotta recognize that you don't get anywhere in this world until you throw away your morals and any vestigial bits of ingenuous deductions from your fields of expertise.

Fight all you want for your veil of dignity, but you gotta know your chattel mentality for what it is, not try to raise this shit up into something approximating the human realm just because you don't like other humans calling you a jackass and a charlatan.

You can't have it both ways.

Plus, I feel the need to point out that if this "mummy" is real, I'm going to need some serious proofs it's not an extinct or hidden terrestrial hominid. Yes, yes, I really do feel that aliens breeding with apes is the best explanation for our existence on this planet, and this guy looks like a good candidate, but long as you depend on mainstream charlatans and fringe charlatans for your information, you are only entertaining yourself and calling it "research".

pipe up any time....