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I linked you to the page in case you want the show notes links with this completely-not-groundbreaking interview about the fractional reserve system and central banking. If you have little patience for guys' moronic banter and general wuwu silliness, they very kindly never forget to tell you where on the spectrum you can start listening to avoid that stuff. And I'm only bringing this up because it is another couple young men who have "woken up" to the rules on the prison planet and propose that instead of the psychopaths having all the power from this system, the people should have all the power from this system... nation and globe.

The ancients would have called our system putting your shoes on your head, or letting your ass ride you. And, while this seems to be straightening out in this discussion, I'm sorry, no, it is not. In a nutshell, they are saying for us to nationalize the banks... or globalize them to the humans instead of the psychopaths... except that does not erase the slavery part.


Not to mention the part about how, even if we succeeded, psychopaths would be right back in charge before you even had a chance to discern that nothing had been solved.

I know there are financial experts out there who have figured it out, but know they will suffer seriously negative impacts if they open their mouths about it in public, so they end up participating in the inevitable charlatanization circus of intellectually competent humans, run around making their sacred bucks off pandering to your ideology or your favorite topics or any of your other weaknesses — like the psychopaths pander to your millennially-ingrained mental conditioning — to get what they want out of you.

Any monetary system is slavery, including barter.

The books have never balanced.

The debt is thin air.

Money is thin air... made of compressed resentment paper.

Armies prevent those being robbed from pressing their cases.

And cops and mafias.

China has been amassing vast quantities of gold to have a gold-backed currency the psychopaths can't control. It will not accomplish more than a temporary improvement in conditions for Chinese people... or only just insure more Chinese oligarchs get into the club.

And don't expect that the Russians are unaware of the ultimate nature of monetary systems either. They just currently have the most humane take on how to cope with it.


And human suffering and horrific deaths.

Yes, it would be better if the general public were in charge of enslaving each other than it is with the psychopaths being left in charge, but the nature of psychopathy amid humanity means that even if they lose control, they get it back quickly, and this remains true even if you kill off every single psychopath extant.

So long as all of us will not do everything for free, we are not free.

There was an extremely advanced before-monetization time. They will kill everyone before they will let that be common knowledge, and they will do that because they are psychopaths who give zero fucks about your life. And, insofar as you do not care about even one other's life, that is helping prolong global slavery.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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