burnt mediocrity

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I guess the envious eyelash batter is going through journalists like kleenex. It's of course because there's no there there except narcissism whose driver is a bottomless pit of envy. You can't be a proper charlatan without being a narcissist, and you can't turn that into money without a driving energy, a motive force, beside your mere excess of vanity, to propel you toward popularity and the all-consuming imperative of money.

Unfortunately, most people will prefer to think well of themselves than to look at the truth, let alone deal with it. It's so common that even most stop before they ever get to the part where they realize they're making a choice between their vanity and knowing reality. This is usual, and crushing enough it its implications.

But many of those same people will also feel such an acute lack in certain areas that they will look to internet personalities in their drive to dig a little more deeply into things like politics, lifestyle, spirituality, cosmology, paranormal, history or just plain generally what's what. Maybe they listen to podcasts, or visit websites, or post on message boards, or watch YouBube videos, or all of these, but too much of the time they are lured by charlatans.

They are the worst because many of them have some really good stuff to offer — actually do or only seem to — which is dangerous because you come to a point where you see that they're milking you for cash and adoration, that their motive is NOT for your sake at all... which ruins everything for most and only grievously disappoints the few who are willing to take their lumps for their credulity and sift through the pile of heaping dung for any good bits that are left in it.

Here's a little list of alternative media offenders who come to mind today:

Narcissist — Motive Energy

Sibel Edmonds — Envy
Joseph Farrell — Rancor
Brad Friedman — Fame
Richard Hoagland — Fame
Catherine Austin Fitts — Revenge
Alex Jones — Pride
David Icke — Revenge
James Corbett — Authority
Stefan Molyneux — Denial
Milo Yiannopoulos — Denial
Jan Irvin — Outrage
Steven Greer — Boredom
Graham Hancock — Conceit
Kerry Cassidy — Fame
Bill Ryan — Sex
David Wilcock — Avoidance
Laura Knight-Jadczyk — Gluttony
Jay Weidner — Rancor
Robert Bauval — Envy

not in any particular order, except, I guess, those with whom I have personally interacted to any extent are nearer the top of the list... and maybe I'll remember somebody who should be on there and add him or her later... and certainly there are many, many more whose chance infection with fame leads to ego problems cubed, but I'm talking people whose fundamental intent has not thing one to do with your benefit.

THAT is what leaves its imprint.

You might note that those motive energies I listed correspond fairly tightly with the seven deadly sins. I chose to elaborate better on some of them, but they each boil down to one of those sins in the standard list.

Obviously, few get to the point where they can make money on the internet or in any media unless they have a pretty high regard for their own talents and/or opinions, but not all of them are narcissists — want power over you, will bullshit you for their own ends — and so whatever impression they make on you is not as likely to rob you of something vital to you. Like your trust. Or your credulity. Or your time. Or your solidarity. Or your bank account.

They're not mere snake oil salesmen, who just want your dough, a basic transaction, not to be the charismatic leader, the sucker of more than just your money. They are making bank on your very soul's yearning to free itself from oppression, from a big blob of mindfuck residing between your ears. Buying snake oil is rough enough, without the salesman sucking out your spirit.

So I think of all the mediocre people out there who were ripped off by one or some of these people and trying to soldier forward with big holes in their spirits. They're not sharp enough, or showman enough, or strong enough anymore, to get their efforts under our mouse clicks, and maybe that's as well, but it's also depressing. So many people out there who would have made wonderful support people for really talented assets to humanity and to truth are moldering away out there, doggedly gossiping and repeating their grievances so long there's very rarely time to discuss anything more substantial, and even when there is, it's not usually thought out well enough to be useful for more than mere distraction value.

It also makes me mourn the loss of people like John Trudell and John Anthony West and Robert Parry and Jim Marrs the more. You might note my failure to mention spiritual leader charlatans here. That's because I can't take their shit for thirty seconds, and though a couple of them seem okay enough — I could listen to them without immediate nausea — to get people past their first hurdle if they are ever going to do it, they're not the subject of this piece.

I'm talking about people on topics with enough gravitas or import that your spirit is at stake when you devote yourself to their "work". Just in my little list above there are a bunch of people with a great deal of knowledge you do want to hear, but you do not want to attach to them in the process... because it then goes from taking in data from someone's experience or education and into the land of what THEY make of it and from you. It isn't just money... weakening your pocketbook. At its most innocuous it has wasted your time, and that is a huge loss.

No. It takes some things from you that weaken your courage and morale and vitality... maybe shut you off from the very most important stuff you can experience in your whole life. Filled that void with mindfucks you have to work a long time to drop from your consciousness. Life is short and it's ALL you've got.

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