i don't want the air any filthier

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But I predict this won't affect our air quality at all. Our special gasoline costs so much more than anywhere else in the country because it produces less emissions... exactly the amount less as it cuts the mileage on a tank... and, yes, that means we are paying radically more to make the same emissions as ever when getting from Point A to Point B.

But, hey, it looks virtuous on paper, and that's all that matters to regulators.

And it's not like there will be no emission standards. Just not our bullshit ones. So, I propose contemplating the prospect of more power and better mileage using better and cheaper gasoline and the filthy skies won't get even a jot filthier from it than they would have been with the stupid California regulations.

I also propose the end of these NOT environmentally friendly electric cars until electricity production is environmentally friendly, or those water-fueled jobs are developed. I hear the theory is they put back exactly as much water as they use up. That wouldn't suck, would it?


Oh, and, it's déjà vu all over again on the North Coast. See if you can make it through those comments. Put hair on your chest.

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