i hate to say it

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But I know the scene with services for the poor, okay? And I know the scene with illegals from everywhere coming here to engage in illegal activities. There's a huge encampment of Bulgarians in the Humboldt hills and a bunch of them from Mexico and Central America. They're not just growing dope. They're snatching young women trimmigrants for both personal use and the sex trade.

Local law enforcement avoids them, spend their time on less hazardous busts.

But find any roster of arrests for any given day, in any given city in California, and you will find the overwhelming number of people arrested have Hispanic last names. They're keeping our prison guards union happy. The jobless kids in their ghettos form gangs and do shit gangs do. This is known and has been tolerated for decades. They must live in cheap rentals, five, eight, ten families sharing, or motel rooms, stacked like cord wood and in shifts.

You can't get a pro bono lawyer because they're busy with the illegals. You can't get a dental appointment at the county clinic because they're too busy with the illegals. You're an old woman walking down the street alone and ten-year-old kids who can't speak a word of English whistle at you... or, maybe if they're in kindergarten they know enough English to bellow "I hate you," to white people who cross their paths. Or march down the main street of any town, waving Mexican flags. We all love that one.

This is nothing like my beautiful campground savior and his sons haranguing me until I would come over and let them cook me breakfast, not the men who came and worked in the fields to be able to afford to bring their wives and kids. This is mayhem on the streets whose primary perks are dirt cheap labor and fat private prison corporations. Fuck you and your goddam old lady need to pick between your medication and groceries, and if they manage to make it so you don't even have THAT choice left, well, you can apply for food stamps if the illegals haven't already made THAT assistance too small to feed anyone.

It's worse than this. Much.

We've been fighting about this for decades and it's time it got fixed... or there's going to be chaos in the streets, even worse than now, very soon. Don't think for a second any government officials give a tenth of a fuck about that. Half the Mexicans want Aztlán and they're getting it.

I wouldn't mind so much if Mexico got its old territory back and Russia got its old territory back. Maybe I won't be able to do Russian so well, but local government would not let me rot while they're busy lining up behind corrupt politicians to be PC, and chip bits off the mountains of cash incentives to stay PC to the point of savagery. If you think I'm dreaming, there's a reason the coastal tribes have maintained good relations with Russia for two centuries.

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