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Nothing is sentient. Nothing is not sentient. Nothing is neither sentient nor not sentient. Nothing is both sentient and not sentient. The preceding four sentences need to be deeply understood and none are true without the other three. All these truths are correct only when taken all together.

Maybe it would help to invoke John Lennon here. "Nothing is real." He didn't mean there's no reality. He meant nothing is a real thing. There could never be something without nothing.

Don't memorize this and act enlightened.

It's meant to help orient your mind for the crucial insight. But the crucial insight has to be experienced. You have to get direct experience of it or you can't talk about it with anyone and not be a fucking posturing charlatan.

I can also tell you that you might find this trivial, but it's further from trivial than any other single thing that ever crosses your mind or activity in which you partake. Direct experience of the fundamentally real ought to be the only prerequisite of scientists and anyone in a position of authority.

Everything that goes on in this world distracts from that.

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