pcr is adamant about this

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And you really should at least give it a hard skim. It's way more entrenched than we even thought, and it reminds me of Admiral Janeway's story about the church group who would not give up their investment incomes even after finding out for sure how much drug money — and its attendant murders and other crimes and debauch of our kids — goes toward keeping that happening.

I love to openly revile the psychopaths, but they've made it damn hard for almost anyone to buck them. You gotta give that a go. It's tedious, but it also helps explain why there's virtually no anti-war movement left at all.

It also seems to be synthesized now well enough in the minds of not just Kunstler as posted earlier, but also Jon Rappoport and Robert Bridge that we're batshit crazy and being propagandized full time to embrace a war footing with Russia.

So we're not dealing merely with black-clad recreational violence to put down conservatives, or green-haired, sexually-ambiguous social justice warriors, or any of the other orchestrated distractions. We're dealing with these guys. Not just the weapons manufacturers and military contractors of every stripe, but also with the CIA and the disinclination of vastly too many citizens to rock the boat.

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