senescence and stress

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Yesterday I gave you the wrong link to understand what I was talking about. I just changed that link to something else that was interdasting. This link isn't even the one I was talking about, but it's close, part of it, and good enough. This guy is way more prolific than any bot ever devised, which should be a lesson to all AI developers, and it has been an excruciating lesson to my scrolling wrist to stop letting my stress exacerbate my senility.

The IQ is now quite faster than my synapses can transport neurons. Maybe not faster than this fuck can retweet a couple hunnert thousand pundits and partisans and truth hounds, and I have spent hours retracing my yesterday and scrolling until analgesia is necessary. Here we are. I need that wrist.

Bottom line: Trump has been known about this since before he took office. He's been letting the traitors further incriminate themselves so they have no way of eluding conviction.

This is not a thesis to boot out yer brain right away, because not everyone in the FBI and the DoJ is dirty, and they will have loved a new president on whom they could rely to do something about this.

pipe up any time....