another thing i absolutely hate

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Went to bed listening to a Jordan Peterson lecture on YouBube. Was awaked by this shit playing instead. I can't begin to tell you how full of shit our two most popular science hucksters really are, and it makes me angrier than just merely offended because it's so much crap they foisted it off on a couple "people of color"... and, yeah, right, there's just as many people of color who are full of shit as there are pale faces suffering the same delusions, but somehow, these days, it's about fifty times more offensive coming from them.

Sorta like Nosbaracktu embodying the psychopaths' wet dream.

It's like this whole "white privilege" business is the privilege to choose what colored clown to use to convince us we are not being run by a bunch of racist psychopaths.

No. Still just plain psychopaths.

Neil Degrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku are both CLOWNS, popularizing horse shit. I not only don't care what color their skin is, I actively wish they'd stop insulting their races by propagating horse shit to the masses. I know, if I didn't have to be in this world, that wouldn't faze me. All races participate in mindfucking all of us. Mox nix who's perpetrating it.

So NDT is manically bellowing about infinities and it pulls me from my slumber in the outraged desire to slap him silly. Fuck off with you number masturbating in public, dude. Infinity isn't plural. Cannot become plural. Your goddam numbers might be useful for expression or even for hypothesizing, but that's the extent of it... EVEN if we can never reach the end of counting or of going down the endless tubes between the numbers.

It's not even any different than words, except for the order of numbers seeming to be a more accurate way to express and hypothesize concepts.

"Gravity waves." Go fuck your mother.

You're just specializing in a heavily enforced branch of the Keep 'Em Stupid game.

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