are you a woman? do you love one or more women?

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Have you got breasts or a prostate gland? Are you a human alive in 2018?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you goddam need to read this piece. Somehow maleness itself is a semi-decent hedge against hypothyroidism and breast cancer, but not against diabetes and prostate cancer.

And the fucking blood tests for thyroid malfunctioning are seh-heeeeriously out of date and fucking MEANINGLESS. If you have some of the symptoms or every last one of them, you gotta bring a baseball bat with you to the doctor's office and INSIST that your body cares not for ancient or modern statistical analyses. It wants thyroid hormone... and it wants it naow.

You also have to remember to take IODINE supplements, even if your thyroid is okay so far. THE best is Lugol's Solution, and the cheapest and fastest and bestest access to that is RIGHT HERE. Two drops a day. DO IT!

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