for a number of years now

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I have been working my butt off to clear my decks of partisan leanings and try my hardest to discern what might be real in every situation involving my concerns for my country and for the world... even so far as to allow how some politicians or government workers may not have COMPLETELY lost their morals, might actually WISH to do good if given the right amount of safety, of political or physical cover, to actually do it.

So I have considered it a distinct possibility that Jeff Sessions has seemed to be THE most pusillanimous and elf-like waste of an Attorney General precisely because he is having to spend all his time lining up the probably hundreds of indictments we all know have to be involved in the outright treasonous use of executive powers in the last administration. My suspicion has been bolstered for quite some time by the apparent uselessness of the man, and the president's bellicose way of NOT firing him through thick and thin.

So, sorry, I am not swayed by this blather, EVEN though I could be dead wrong.

pipe up any time....