i know it seems like a seesaw

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But the psychopaths are pulling out the stops to prevent their demise on the world stage. The dominoes are already tumbling on the perfidies of their vaunted smooth talker front man and his collection of awards for slaughtering people and creating division and using the moles in our government to shit on the constitution.

And everybody sees where the social media abuses are leading, what they actually seek to accomplish. So, we can still take a moment to contemplate that for all we distrust the oligarchy, there's obviously a very strong faction of them who want this country intact, and the rest of the world intact.

Just do me a favor, please. Don't forget that whatever awful things you read about any of the people fighting the globalists, remember Hillary bitching about losing the information war and that propagandizing us is now legal... so... they... can... lie... to... us... legally. Yesterday they were aflutter about asbestos going to be used again, when the report in question said no such thing, not even implying such a thing. It was a very long and detailed report on all the work the EPA will be doing to update the state of knowledge about the ten most lethal to humans and the environment known, so that they can all be taken into account in one regulatory step for industrialists and resource extractors.

Every single time you want to freak out about something the great resistance movement, aka the globalist psychopaths and their minions, tell you, stop. Look. Remember they're lying.

We knew it would get worse the closer to decimation they are brought.

pipe up any time....