i may have them where i want them now

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I am pretty sure this guy's one of the 19-year-old forestry students with whom I camped during an inventory blitzkrieg twenty years ago. He's just been put in charge of Six Rivers National Forest. I can remind him of his maniacal youth and threaten his earlobes for any non-compliance with actual best practices.

I am on my way to UCSF for the ultrasound/biopsy. Going the coast. Stopping in Fort Bragg for a couple nights and then on to Stinson for a couple nights, then back to Fort Bragg for one, and then back to my hovel here. It's just goddam safer to take the harder drive and I'm very familiar with the road. Idiot tourists are not as bad as freeway pinheads... and there is much less likely to be a conflagration blocking my ability to make my appointment.

After I get my brief filed and the worst of the medical stuff, I hope, behind me, I can concentrate on swinging from this fellow's earlobes. I am SICK of the feds' non-management of our forests, and now I've got 'em right where I want 'em. Helpless against my ferocious interference on behalf of the trees.

All the feds I know, who were not feds when I met them, have turned pusillanimous, and this one's still young enough to remember his great testosterone levels, the kind needed to do things really well and sensibly. He might be scared for his paycheck and his position of "authority" within the system, but he's not too set in it to make 'em stop burning down the entirety of his National Forest, and he knows what kind of mitigations HAVE to happen for the watercourses.

I got you, fam.

pipe up any time....