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Willing or unwilling, Western Leaders have "deep state" minders, known or unknown to them,
We are no longer in the same situation as during the Cold War and the Algerian War. This affair has nothing to do with the SAC. President Macron was not seeking to protect the nation from a militia by breaking the law himself. On the contrary, we are in a situation of confrontation between, on the one hand, the Russia-United States alliance, and on the other, the Anglo-Saxon [fascist] deep state which is on the rampage against President Trump [and President Putin].
and more or less effective than planned.

I know Trump and Merkel have been unwilling, and not so sure about May and Macron, but mox nix. This is forced on anyone in charge of anything affecting the psychopaths' project. It is obvious that they are losing ground fast, but they definitely have not yet given up, have not yet retreated into their heavily defended strongholds to retrench and try again later, with an even sicklier and dumber general population to bamboozle.

And, yeah, I know it's fashionable as fuck to stick with the Gladio moniker because we're so proud of ourselves for busting that deep black murderous op, and it's true that psychopaths are NOT creative and stick to the playbook in whatever disguise they can muster, but it only serves charlatans to keep using this nomenclature.

The fascists have ALWAYS been Western Oligarchs, and any other oligarchs who wish to join forces with them. German, Italian, Russian, Argentinian, Chinese, Japanese, whomever. The POINT is they need to rule the world, no more national interests conflicting with their personal interests. It is becoming less and less feasible to control nationalists and some have outright broken free. Some are semi-autonomous. Some are still dominated. Clearly Britain is still dominated, but it's looking more and more by the day that will not remain the case.

I feel that as soon as Merkel can rid herself of the mechanism in place to control her, if she doesn't get beaten first, there will be another state free of psychopath control. I don't know about France. I don't like the cut of Macron's jib and it seems they've been too indiscrete about his main minder and so the feared strength of his presidency is pretty much sunk.

They went too far with the migration crisis in Europe. It made the people feel more nationalistic instead of more European, and they've done the same with the crisis here.

Contrary to what many "liberals" believe, this is the biggest mistake the globalists have made and may truly be their downfall, and our saving victory, however temporary. Yes, yes, a global government would be ideal, IF it were not ever only psychopaths who rise to that kind of wealth and power... but it IS always them, and NEVER for our good. The closer they come to success, the worse it is for us, but if you think it's bad now, just wait until they finally win.

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