working to save my own life

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Coming days full of difficulty and anxiety, punctuated by visits with people who love me, but overall very, very taxing. The sleep patterns are reflecting it. The spirit pulses. The terror recedes to make room for the real.

You may find me posting even more erratically than usual, or more reliably than usual, but I have to not pay much attention to what is beginning to look like an epic swamp draining that explains a lot of anomalous things about our despicable political situation and the psychopaths' moles in various agencies.

Their opposition is being booted off social media in an effort to keep the disinformation drowning out the flow of information from more reliable sources. I have pled with Dotcom to make his move, and I plead with you to help Alex and any others in similar straits survive the attacks on our First Amendment... EVEN if you don't like them. I want you to be Americans, even if you are not American.

And if you love me please don't stop.

pipe up any time....