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God help me, I am growing to respect Kanye West. A lot. Watch these virtue signaling twats. They DISGUST me. Someone very famous is giving the whole world a way to look at history that empowers us, and these fucking zombies blather about how everyone needs to stay obediently in hell, how this man daring to open a door to freedom for us all, not just for blacks, oughta be silenced. Turns my stomach.

It WAS a choice. That so many chose it over death is beside the point. The point is: humans can choose. ALL of us. At any point along those 400 years the choice could have been reversed. Never mind that it wasn't, by whites or by blacks, or that none of us are guilty of this now. What our great grandparents and great great grandparents did has NO bearing on now, with ONE crucial exception.

And Kanye West pointed it out.

You heard me.

The one takeaway from that history is that it WAS a choice. The flame of choicelessness has been passed down, and its issue has been radically more abjection, for everybody, than the simple recognition of the ultimate truth of the matter would have gifted to the future.

We're waaay past perps and victims here. We're out of excuses, but we're generating new ones, psychedelically truth-refuting new ones, with wild abandon now, scrambling to appease the psychopathic overlords in some sort of satanic urge to hold onto the civic order they impose. ALL OF US.

This isn't a race issue.

It was a choice. Kanye West made choices instead of excuses. Every single one of us can do the same. You are choosing the warm spaces you can just barely keep affording over changing your mind, changing this world. JUST the mere fact of what you call it is strong enough to pin you to the mat and never let you up until you see it for what it IS.

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