i know yer sick of how "prophetic" i am

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Tough shit.

More than four years ago, when I was still trying to be of use to Admiral Janeway and Granny Fussbudget, I was warning them that every bliss ninny and scheming charlatan in the entirety of the bastions of Out There was using the term "Secret Space Program" to attract rubes, that if they wanted people to get the idea some serious research was taking place, trying to work off actual indications, they had to change the name of their conferences.

But, of course, that was before we'd gotten through the whole conference in San Mateo, where there were a bunch of truly great presentations and all around loving atmosphere, but extremely low on actual indications, before it struck me that even the so called serious researchers were really only trying to be less charlatanish about charlatanism. So, okay, at least the not really applicable stuff was really good and people learned a LOT they didn't already know, just not about any space program at all.

And we already know they've been whining pretty loudly, carrying on a PR campaign amongst the denizens of the fringe to reestablish some sort of credentials over obviously fabulist assholes. Now, though, the obviously fabulist assholes have gone so far as to try to TRADEMARK their schtick. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.

Now they're giving it to them with both barrels. Richard Dolan. Heh.

Too late.

I don't feel smug about it. I feel a sort of relief that this may turn them back to more worthy work and spare the bliss ninnies a great many of their dollars... may force them to go back to more honest pursuits, though possibly not quite as lucrative. You know, documentable truth? Right, right, there's a case to be made for popularizing documentable truth by such devious means, but if they couldn't see it before, they really SHOULD be able to see it now... IF that were any part of their purpose to begin with.

And, as of officially now, we're going to be able to see for ourselves if their intent had ever been altruistic. Right? Anybody still wanting to differ?

pipe up any time....