sleeeeeeep, i got to sleeeeeep

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I had been lucid enough to look at the weather forecast and get some grocery shopping done before the rain would come. Even though having to spend any money, any bill, any eating, any anything that involves money, hurts and scares me, I just looked in my refrigerator and did it to myself before rain was going to be involved too.

Night before last was pretty iffy because I'd second shift slept until pretty late on Sunday, but I'd managed to dream, which was a good sign for my coping in meatspace.

It was back in San Anselmo. I'd gone to the home of an old hipster to seek refuge, but he'd been crass and so I went to another old black market hippie friend instead. He was appalled to hear of the first guy's behavior, and made room for me. Very shortly after my arrival, Vladimir Putin showed up.

I was all giddy to see him there. In his civvies and looking hale and relaxed and wanting to hug him too badly to bother even asking his bodyguards, I hugged him hard, and a kiss. All was suddenly supremely well.

So I could face the spending of money before the rain.

And last night, sometime after midnight, I went to sleep and I think I slept about eleven hours. Got up today just before it started raining a really nice soaking rain... and now I feel almost like a regular human with faculties and all.

I know this happens only about once a year, and usually when the season is changing, but it doesn't damp the enthusiasm I feel. I mean, maybe too experienced to really bank on the good feeling, but still it's heavenly.


Oh, well, EXCEPT that four straight days of rain forecast turned into two hour-long downpours and no more rain for days. Maybe the perfect weather forecasting has gone forever. I mean, I thought it was just the loss of certain sensors, but if it's that, the budget isn't allowing replacement parts.

pipe up any time....