troops i don't love

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They cross a line from which there is no known return, and they are dead to me. We all know this shit started in the Fudd administration and was put into power drive after we all voted for Nosbaracktu in the deluded "hope" the half black orator had the "audacity" to give us back our country. No. Note the date of this attempt on the life of a UAE political enemy by a paid hit squad composed of men WE trained to DEFEND us.

Yeah, yeah, food on their families, yadda, yadda, fuck OFF.

Too bad Jeremy had already defected from being a real antiwar hero to a risible little political animal who's very busy sounding righteous to the self-righteous nincompoops who consider themselves erudite liberals these days... for serious pay... somewhere almost every one of the antiwar left's brightest lights was lured to their eventual death... by a very, very rich "liberal"... a man whose motives I tried hard to defend as possibly-altruistic until the very moment it was made clear what happened.

Point being, if they'd never been bought away from their business, we would have known about this at the time... as soon as it happened, if not before. Only SOME of us knew about the hidden uses of JSOC, from Jeremy, BEFORE his debauch, and every year that passes blurs it and Michael Hastings' demise — let alone this mercenary action — further from public understanding.

Now, BuzzFeed breaks it? What? To seem altruistic after the shit they've stirred?

I should maybe run out and dip my head in the ocean now.

pipe up any time....