branching out from the official history

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And discovering an impact crater under the ice in Greenland, people are beginning to look afresh at some of our disputed records and artifacts. I welcome it. This, where we get some fresh information from a completely new source, might be a good primer before you watch the longer bit.

Something I learned recently, that I don't think I ever heard before, was that the colors of Atlantean architecture were white and red and black... like the pyramids at Giza.

It also just struck me that, though we maybe still couldn't build a great pyramid, we might be able to replace the finishes on the pyramids at Giza. I know that might seem insulting to archeology, but they may be many thousands of years older than "scholars" will yet allow, and maybe not done all at once, maybe even were falling into disrepair and refurbished by Atlantean workers... which would sort of speak for the possibility that we might be best served to do similarly.

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