it's all that cornered psychopaths thing

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With their almighty public perception thing in the middle.

I just this moment decided to start tagging everyone by their first names, like the good California Girl I am. I might even add "striped toothpaste" to my John-Anthony-West-observing ways. Shiny Barbarism was his term for Western "civilization" and Striped Toothpaste was his term for scientific "progress".

I'll even go back and change some of the old labels to work into these new ones.

It's raining. It's been raining a lot. It's a good time to do it.


I took the Julian tag back to when he was silenced by Ecuador. His last direct public statement was calling the government of Britain "hypocritical motherfuckers". The truth is uppity.

Anyway, everything on him from before that is still under the Whistleblowers tag.

pipe up any time....