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The president asked us to watch this.

Yes, it's Hannity, but he's been on the right side of some pretty crucial issues, for ALL his faults, and he's dedicated this whole big chunk of his show to the impending switch from the Mueller farce to actual rule-of-law activities toward nailing the real felons. So, I know it's hard to take, but it's totally doable if it means we get even a little corner, a flake of parchment, of our country back.

If you still don't get it, that Bongino speech lays it out pretty well, or his book, but also this interview was very revealing... I mean, by way of assuring you that Hannity isn't full of shit here... unless you count all the times he tries to make Putin sound like a monster.

You know I hate all this flashy and obstreperous and pressure of speech and partisan honking, but this is the world and this is VERY important. So if you've skipped it all, partisanly, or sick of it, or have a million more fun things to do, whatever: I am telling you this is important.

OR you can just take my word for it that FOX News aired a bunch of people who know and they say something big is coming on Monday... and so it could get seriously bumpy, depending on the determination. Anything could happen. Something historically awful could happen to try to change this course. No matter what it might be, no one can believe it was not the psychopaths, the corrupt fiends — "them" — the same ones who did 9/11... this isn't politics. This is our country.

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