why i love general flynn

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How do I know he's not guilty of anything but embarrassing the psychopaths? It's contained in this video. If you didn't realize it before, the information there is PROOF the reports about the weapons through Benghazi to Syria, WHILE we all thought we'd stopped Nosbaracktu, were based on DOCUMENTED fact.

Michael Flynn lost his job — "forced retirement" — for letting journalists know what they were doing to get our people killed on Hilldawg's 9/11. Yes, it still never made the mainstream news, because the people bent on toppling Assad own the mainstream news, and Nosbaracktu, and Hilldawg, and McCain, and maybe that's past tense for Graham... maybe, but the entirety of the alternative media had it and we never budged.

We had it because of General Michael Flynn. Patriot.

The 44th President of the United States fired Michael Flynn for getting the truth out, and he set him up to look like a felon to the hypnotized masses, and get him OUT of Trump's White House, BECAUSE he knows where all the bodies are buried, BECAUSE he knows all about the perfidies of that administration.

You KNOW this is the truth. DON'T let people around you be confused about it.

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