i've got three layers of clothes on

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I never thought I was going to need polyester to stay warm, but, big as heck, here it is. I have been skimping on the central heating every winter for some years, but this year I put my foot all the way down. Of course, that means a much colder winter would befall me. I might even have mentioned the probability in advance. Whatever. It's fucking freezing in here... and out there.

101 was closing and reopening a lot for the past couple days, but I guess they finally got the Last Chance Grade slide cleared and the troubles are elsewhere for now, but, sheesh, the snow seems to have made it through all that rain and I do not remember a winter sustainedly this cold since I've been here.

I'm trying to allow for the fact of no heater, but I still can't think of it being this cold this long in the going on 14 years stuck in my steadily crumbling abode. I know we did used to have mostly darn reliably wet winters, with a few pretty serious storms, and really irritatingly long blows in the springs, but I don't remember it ever being this cold this long anywhere on the California coast.

pipe up any time....