even as we've finally seen through the climate propaganda

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We don't lose sight of the dues to be paid for our spectacular blunders and the need to clean up as much of it as we can. Most of the time, lately, I can't muster the energy to fight about this anymore, but my position is still pretty much as it always was — with the propaganda removed — and that is that we are responsible for mitigations and restorations wherever conceivable.

It's too late to undo very much of the damage, and all we can still do is hope cosmos takes care of it for us, forgives us our trespasses, so to speak. I mean, we really don't know that plastic won't ultimately break down into a rejuvenating nutrient in the course of enough time, so I try to take heart that the critters so tainted by plastic particles are still alive at all.

What else can I do but stump for humans cleaning up our messes and root for all sentient beings?

I've got Donald yammering in the background right now and it strikes me to posit that, for all his faults, he IS doing what it might take for us to ever be in position to DO that cleaning and mitigating and restoring and rooting for living things. For dirt certain it will never happen — unless they simply kill at least 80% of us — if we let globalists run things.

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