i finally think i'm finding out

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And it would seem he got snagged on a barbwire fence, but, of course, nothing about calling off the search due to low helicopter fuel and not resuming. Despite the usual bickering in the comments, his wife and kids beat feet out of state, so almost certainly illegals. And now I'm wondering if it had been the dairy OWNER, would the helicopter have come back or left him to drown?

Despite the self-righteous pieces of shit who insist this makes no difference, I have to differ because I have a VERY good idea about the percentage of people arrested with Hispanic last names up against ANY other kind. It's ludicrous.

I am convinced Moonbeam kept up his cred with the almighty prison guards' union by guaranteeing them a steady supply of wetbacks. Yes, that sounds crass. It IS crass. And it's not going to stop with his taller younger soulmate governor either.

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