if you only ever read the words

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Do you even have the emotional depth to catch the power with which they are meant? Or is it still too easy to pass them off as every other thing you read?

If I just wrote to you that all the most important questions ever in all history and future are answered when you realize what consciousness is, you're so apt to just agree because it sounds pleasant or raise an eyebrow over having vacuumed another airy fairy buzzword, aren't you?

You have to be able to strip it all down to the barest essence, the most basic statements available to language itself. You can't say eternity and infinity, beginninglessness and endlessness. You only KNOW these are the sum of truth, even though everything in your experience starts and ends, and so your brain cringes in front of them and forgets them over and over and over because they are too uncomfortable.

There can't be pure nothingness because nothingness itself is something. Either always, in all times neither starting nor ending, or at some point along that line, pure nothingness became or was always aware of itself.

That I exist and know it, proves this fact.

If a rock could talk, it would say the same.

Answers every nuance of birth and reincarnation, putting to rest completely about God vs. Evolution, too. If you could understand it, we could make the cosmos a much happier everything.

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