jordan peterson has now jumped too many sharks for me

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I am, of course, disappointed that someone who came out with such startlingly good points to make turned so quickly to blathering sophistry for serious bucks, but it's pretty much identical to what happened with Slavoj Zizek... so they were made for each other, and I hope they settle for wasting each other's time instead of the rest of ours.

Seriously. They had lifetimes of work and insight to splash upon the world stage, propel them to stardom, but neither ever went back to the drawing board... shut the fuck up to go further develop their wisdom and ability to effectively share it. They both did EXACTLY like activists everywhere have done to my eternal dismay.

Their work came to a screeching halt the moment they got fame and income for their past deeds, deeds they must never try to improve or augment with more useful work on pain of striking out and losing their public stature. There are SO few exceptions to the rule of progress inversion I don't even know why psychopaths ever bother trying to subvert anyone. The moment they get big enough to have some clout, their whole power melts into useless self-glorification and serious people tune them OUT.

Fucking hell. I'll never get used to this shit.

pipe up any time....