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But today I saw a press release from one of the orgs supposedly suing over the FDA approval of GM salmon. It did not tell us a bunch of salient things, but it did link us to a bunch of useless-to-anyone-insisting-on-effectual-action bits of unhelpful information.

I emailed the woman who released it with just a couple of salient questions. I got a vacation response. DON'T give a penny to ANY nonprofit or activist organization, least of all on the strength of internet appeals, until you have gotten to the bottom of the facts purported in the press releases and donation drives.


I'm sure a few of them aren't lying or just using your money to pay their power bills, but NO MATTER WHAT don't give them ANY money until you've checked it out thoroughly and gotten verifiable FACTS out of them that you personally VERIFY.

This is ALL the way out of hand, and I'm going to kill you if you keep putting up with this crap.

And it doesn't matter WHAT the appeal is for. Cancer. Anti-GMO. Environment. Starving kids. Political ANYTHING. Broken vets. Homeless. Firemen. Christmas toys. Thanksgiving dinner. NOT ANY OF IT!


Bring something to the local food bank. Bring blankets to a homeless shelter. Donate your time. UNLESS you can verify that any money donation is going directly to your intended beneficiary/s, don't you keep falling for this crap.

Think of the hundreds of clicktivism websites that pop up over every last thing, all with their donation buttons prominently displayed, and WHEN was it EVER that even ONE of them accomplished the stated goal? Oh, right, NEVER. The SAME is true with all these 501(c)(3) orgs, aka, in many cases, NGOs.

CUT IT OUT !!!!!

You're giving me a headache.

always and any time....