2020 election fraud hearings and related links

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I will add this post to the footer links because I will be repeatedly updating it and you can easily get to it again at any time from here on out from there. This is just getting too out of hand. In town today, I found it abuzz over the outrageousness of this BLATANT fraud. It's scaring people.

No. Really.

Pennsylvania Hearing

Arizona Hearing

Michigan State Senate Hearing

52 USC §20511

Michigan State House Hearing

Amistad Project Conference

Maybe Most Important Speech

Georgia Hearing Morning

Suitcases of Ballots and Preliminary Composit

Georgia Hearing Afternoon

Trump Team Presenting Fraud Evidence in Nevada Court

Input from Social Media Peanut Gallery

Arizona Legislature Calls for Maricopa County Audit

Mo Brooks on Congress Picking President

Pennsylvania Legislators' Letter re Objection to Electoral College Votes

Good Questions

Georgia Rally

Senator Parent Poll Worker?

Worrying About Safe Harbor?

Justice Alito Did NOT Just Fall Off the Turnip Truck

Justice Alito Moves Up Deadline for Briefs

22 Machines in Michigan

Georgia Senators Introduce Petition to Call Special Session


Inspecting Arntrim County, Michigan Voting Machines

Texas contests election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania

China Collusion


States File Amici Curiae Brief

President Trump Files Brief to Intervene

Coffee County Election Officials Demonstrate How You Steal Elections

Six States Move to Intervene


Georgia House of Representatives Hearing on Election Irregularities

Wisconsin Hearing

SCOTUS Denies Texas Suit

Lin Wood's Case Docketed

Antrim County Forensics Report

Arizona Senate Judiciary Hearing

Five Disputed States Preserve Republican Electors

Bill Barr Has Left the Building

Wisconsin Ruling re Absentee Ballots Violation

Dominion CEO Testimony Before Michigan Legislature

Michigan Legislature Subpoenas

Arizona Legislature Subpoenas

US Senate DHS Committee Hearing

Zuckerberg Election Meddling

Navarro Report

Georgia Signature Match Review

Censoring Jesse Binnall

Congressional Seats

Millions More Votes Than Voters

What Really Happened at the White House Meeting

Members of Congress Meeting with President About Mounting Evidence of Voter Fraud

Sidney Powell Evidence PDF

More Evidence

Cracking Dominion's Source Code

Test for the Extent of Vote Fraud

Georgia State Senate Meeting on 2020 Election Fraud

Trump vs. Biden Petition for Cert Re Wisconsin Filed with SCOTUS

Arizona Voter Fraud Press Conference

Statement from Pennsylvania Re: Certification of Electors

US Senators Demand Emergency Audit

Evidence of Fraud and Irregularities and Lawlessness in 2020 Election

Full Trump Raffensberger Call

Why Raffensperger's So Touchy About the Dominion Suits

TwitFace Thread With Bulletpoints on Things to Bear in Mind

Georgia Legislature Asks Pence to Postpone Electoral Vote Count

Navarro Report, Volume II

AJ Interviewing General Flynn

NYT Lies

More State Legislators Ask Pence to Postpone Electoral Vote Count

Long TwitFace Thread Linking Evidence

Italian Contractor Flipping Votes in Our Election and Affidavit

Dominion Sues Sidney

Affidavit of Italian Judge

Outline of Election Fraud with Link to Downloads for Evidence

If You Are STILL Confused

Navarro Report, Volume III

Not Breaking News

Accurate List

Rudy Doesn't Understand

Status of Cases Not Reported

My Pillow Guy's Absolute Proof

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