it gets worse

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In the role model department.

I mean, I don't approve in any case, but it is a fact that women can do whatever they set themselves to do. I'm just wishing they'd stop trying to act like men. We all know there's nothing worse than an estrogen-addled she-man. We out vicious the worst of them... not excluding Genghis Khan... when we want to.

It's just worse for everybody when we do... except in the very rarest of cases... where it takes that in defense of life itself.

So this is just now very seriously turning into worst case scenario for the little girls who idolize her. Please, if you have to idolize a woman pugilist, could you make it Holly Holm instead? She is a nice person, who works harder and has even more skill and the right kind of toughness than the monster of vanity she put to sleep a few nights ago.

always and any time....