will we make it to spring?

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I don't like it. I am afraid their seeming capitulation to Putin's desire for Russia to be considered European again is really their fallback to try to drive a wedge between Russia and China. The same old playbook. The hated ally being used to absorb the casualties in your plot to throw threats to your supremacy back into neutral.

The only way for the psychopaths to maintain and consolidate their hold is to sow instability, to wreck the health and autonomy of their inferiors... even where they yet might not be able to appropriate resources to their own enrichment. They don't really need enrichment. They just need to quell threats to their control... and seem righteous doing it.

Maybe they wanted to leave Russia in the cold, but between glimpses of superior technology and Putin continually outclassing them in rationality and diplomacy, their fallback could be that old standby and the indoctrinated Western hordes will lap that shit right up like it was fine microbrewery beer.

I gotta keep hoping he's cutting France and Germany from the maw of psychopathy, that they will continue to edge around global conflagration while the psychopaths are weakened further.

And DO NOT forget what I told you about "Anonymous". In fact, the last thing anyone fighting ISIS would want would be for it to go dark on social media. Heed history well my friends. The psychopaths take over all the opposition they can get their tentacles around, which is to say almost every scrap of it, and use it to their advantage.

Little on the world stage is as beneficial as turning the opposition into controlled opposition in all recorded history. Why do you think they drill you on "good" vs. "evil" so incessantly? Why is that chord struck over and over and over and over and over in every outpost of human attention?

It separates the weak from the strong. It makes it easy to focus on the strong. And, far from always resorting to decimating the strong opposition, the smart money is on taking it over. Every organization of any note has been coöpted, and any organization that becomes powerful enough to be effective is immediately coöpted, and even sometimes when nobody's been strong or bright enough to organize effectively, they just outright start up their own "opposition" to help work their "magic" on the mass hypnosis.

You can't be sinking back into the forgetting of these things. How many activists do you have to watch performing like trained seals, utterly brilliantly neutered by popularity and a miraculous turn in their bank statements, before you wise up to the theatrics? How many new outlets of clicktivity have burst upon the bastions of inactivism even since I started creating this post?

always and any time....