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This seals it. Unfortunately, if you want to make yourself 100% certain I'm not kidding, you'd have to try becoming a heroin dealer. You don't want to end up like that. You'd have two choices. You could do whatever the psychopaths tell you, take what they would pay you, hoping it wouldn't become convenient to kill you before old age incapacitates you, or you could just go freelance and be killed immediately.

Any ideas this ISIS/Daesh business might be an independent entity? Here's your sign.

You know I've been on about how those trillions missing from the books — whatever actual amount that is, and Admiral Janeway is convinced it's tens of trillions, waaay too much to be accounted for with fleets of expensive cars and yachts and airplanes and magnificent estates, in all of which you may have noticed markets have been thriving, but never mentions the armies they are also having to pay — and how I don't think it's enough left then to pull off the kind of secret space program Janeway wants to command.

Maybe I just have no conception of trillions.

Putin has evidently succeeded in cutting off the black market oil, but I'm sure he's just decided to bring up the part about the heroin trade so he can do something about it, so everyone out there who has been hamstrung on the matter of heroin saturating their citizenry can do something about it.

There hasn't been a non-psychopath-sponsored terrorist or heroin dealer for at least fifty years... longer... but for sure that half a century. When you have to have money to stay alive, to keep your kids alive, you will take the filthy paycheck, and most especially when it's sold to you as fighting for your god.

Except. Dear fellow humans of planet Earth. The only way to halt this is to legalize all drugs. That one move puts the lion's share of alternate system of finance dollars back on the books, defunds the psychopaths' armies. It IS the paychecks, not the god, that keep them fighting. Poof. End of global destabilization mechanism. That won't be the death blow to the psychopaths, but that will paralyze them for long enough that we can get our world back.

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