just reiterating what they've been saying for a decade

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They will use nukes when there's no alternative... and nobody on earth can blame them for it. They have withstood utterly outrageous, flagrant, vicious, provocations for a very long time.

They should not be expected to cede their self defense in any scenario whatsoever, but they have been ceding all kinds of grievous injury for the sake of all living beings since Vladimir Putin took office in 2000. If you don't believe that, do some homework, and if you know it already, DON'T forget it when the press of events bids you default to your social conditioning.

And you can be certain that the psychopaths are working full time to unseat Merkel because she has been a pivotal influence in the failure to provoke outright world war. I don't think the human beings are going to let the psychopaths win this one... by whatever means, they will prevent that win.

Lest you have a doubt remaining how badly the psychopaths want WWIII, I remind you again that Turkey would NEVER do this kind of thing unless directed by US/psychopaths.

always and any time....