maybe you've noticed

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Someone important to me has died. He's this important to me, not just because I loved him from the first moment his life came into my sense awareness forty-six years ago, but because he's that important to you, even though you might not know it.

Yesterday, I wanted to bring you an important point from him about music, but somehow didn't execute my link shortener correctly, or at all, and nearly couldn't get back to it because I have such a glut of JT emails and eighty different ways going at once to get to the true parts that it took a karmic miracle, hundreds of clicks back into my browser history, to fetch the right link again. So I listened again, in my gratitude, and more than just a profound lesson about music and your mind, there is his profound gratitude in there too.

This is key.

Who on planet earth, in all history, do you think had more reason to be so absorbed in his ingratitude that he died a withered husk of rage? Right. NO one. Gratitude for your life, for life anywhere in the cosmos, is MANDATORY to waking up at all, to remembering your actual identity. Why on earth would I spend so much time hassling you about this sort of thing if there were not something so vital in it that it cannot even be said?

always and any time....