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But I'm watching it, sort of like that killer monk in The DaVinci Code flaying himself in his cell for the greater glory of God. I'm only about a half an hour in and so far it is packed with tropes and sermonizing and absolutely nothing new, which already has me back to questioning how on earth another video, another documentarian, can possibly have a beneficial effect on more than his or her self-regard, or maybe bank account.

People get SO mad at me for continually pointing out that their "actions", while wonderful, are not effective. It might even be that the American public is frozen because they've lost all understanding of effectiveness itself, that we're all out there doing and doing and doing and doing, but never performing.

Performance. Not in the sense of playing a role. In the sense of effecting actuality.

One of THE icons almost anyone with a passing interest in Zen will recognize is Eihei Dōgen. He has been known the world over for centuries for demanding we "stop doing and perform!" Only a scary few grok what he was saying.

Well, I just said it here, and I think making a 9/11 documentary for "coppers and firefighters" is even less likely than the ones aimed at physicists to perform. I guess Rooke's sense of doing something helps ebb the frustration levels threatening to destroy his soul, and maybe far off into a future none of us will ever see it could contribute to the formation of a young enlightening being, but that's even in jeopardy because it looks like he's sticking to the "controlled demolition" line.

That almost does explain it, but there are a couple irrefutable facts that point somewhere else entirely, for the towers, at least. Building 7, sure, and the Pentagon, sure, but not the towers.


Damn, I'm manly... womanly. I made it through the whole thing with only a few mild feelings of irk, and could only pick two positives out of it. [1] They stuck to WTC7 exclusively for their controlled demolition theory. [2] Ken O'Keefe put in some darn righteous words about psychopaths and their control of our children somewhere semi-near the end, but not near enough for me to go back and look for it.


I might be pushing my Zen equanimity beyond its limits today, but now I'm trying to listen to Joe talking with another devoted killing machine... justifying both our invasion of Iraq and the possibility of going right back now. Beside the not news that we have boots on the ground in Syria, you, of course, know more boots are going back to Iraq, and, and, and, and, and... big push to justify American Imperialism to the hilt.

See, it makes no difference if you never watch anything but 9/11 Truth documentaries, they're at it full time with the imperial mindfuck, which is a much bigger relief to terrified idiots, and terrified humans are idiots — you aren't going to give up your luxury, are you? — than facing the actual ever gets... unless, of course, you've awakened to the fact that actuality is the only way out of hell.

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