i need more aspirin

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I was all up in this ten years ago. I spent many hours breaking my brain to find anything that wasn't just fevered blithering. There was nothing. It was all fascist state media piling on Putin. So much, in fact, that I was convinced once and for all that anyone they ever try to vilify that hard is almost certainly a hero... or at least someone irredeemably humane.

I can't describe this headache... at least not until after I've found my aspirin... but psychopaths know you can't take this much cognitive dissonance, that you will give up resisting them when they mindfuck so hard and heavily and exasperatingly that your head wants to explode, that you will turn to some political shill website or podcast or meet up or vanish into the hills with only your shotgun and a keg of whiskey strapped to your back.

Don't be weak minded. It makes me sick.

always and any time....