not exactly

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I stayed up all night laying down a firewall of protection against mortification with Led Zeppelin videos. I then got what I would call a long nap. So I'm sort of headachy and tremulous, finishing the cleanup of my holiday-worn kitchen and wondering when I'll get the strength to deal with the rest of the upheaval that is coming up two years made and all progress in the great upgrade halted.

I thought it was demoralizing before this fiasco.

I hear 86's voice, rumbling my cells into cosmic agreement, "It could be worse." Some things just stick, no matter how long you live.

It's just today off a three-day-long sunny and cold snap. The rain is back. The mudroom is back dripping and puddling and growing mold and the temperature is completely doable again. All systems go. Situation normal. The future is stupid.

always and any time....